adison Regional beekeeping classes

Regional beekeeping classes

The below listed classes are available to anyone interested in getting started in beekeeping or is simply curious about honeybees and beekeeping

Please check back here for new class updates.

The intent of this page is to list all beginners beekeeping classes that are offered by any of the affiliated regional beekeeping associations.

NOTICE: If you are working toward becoming an Alabama Certified Master Beekeeper, these classes do not meet the requirements of the Alabama Master Beekeepers lecture series.  

If you are a member of an affiliated regional beekeeping association and know of any planned classes, please send dates, times, location, sponsoring organization, point of contact (preferably email or phone number), URL of your Webpages (if your association has a Webpage) and any other class related information to the Webmaster.

The following organizations have notified the Webmaster of the following classes.   
Associations are listed in the order they were reported to the webmaster.


Chilton County Area

Beginner Beekeeping Course

Beginner Beekeeping Class for Chilton County Beekeepers, Jan 14 – March 4 2019 from 6 to 7:30 pm M/L Cost is $40.00 per person which includes 1 year membership in CCBA Deadline is Dec 15 after that the cost is $50.00 per person. Everyone welcome, contact Larry Wyatt,

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Madison County Area

Beginner Beekeeping Course

Click here for details.

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  Birmingham and sourounding Area
The Foxhound Bee Company is offering a series of beekeeping classes click here for the master class list which consis of the following individiual classes:

Beekeeping Experience(sold out)    Bee School - Short Class (sold out)
Bee School - One Day Class          Beekeeping School Gift Card

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