Information relative to registering your honeybee colonies in the state of Alabama

For complete information regarding registration of your honeybee colonies or apiaries, please refer to The code of Alabama 1965.    Once you get to this page navigate to:

The following is a copy from Section 2-14-3.    Since it is a copy, it is not official.    Colonies of bees and apiaries acquired after October 1 during any year and not previously registered shall also be registered as required under this section; provided, however, that this requirement shall not apply to any bees or apiaries acquired after March 31, as such bees shall not be registered until the following October 1.


Miscellaneous information:

Relative to all information on the page, it is not official information, one should refer to the actual law for the most up to date requirements

(Per the above) If you become the owner of honeybees or apiaries within Alabama between October 1 and March 31, you are required to register them at that time.

(Per the above) If you become the owner of honeybees or apiaries within Alabama after March 31 you have until October 1 to register them.

You may register your honeybees or apiaries at ay time during the year but in an effort to keep cost down your state certification will be mailed back to you around the end of August to the first part of October.

You must register your honeybees or apiaries every year that you own them.

You must include your name and complete address on the registration form.

Be sure and mail your registration form to (it is important that "Plant Protection Section or Apiary Section be included")    Cut and paste the below address is the easy way!!!:

  1. Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries

    Plant Protection Section

    1445 Federal Drive Suite 207

    Montgomery, AL 36107-1123

A copy of the "APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION OF HONEYBEE COLONIES" can be downloaded here in either of the following formats:

µSoft Office Word ".doc"


Adobe ".pdf"


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