Annual Convention 2018



The 2018 Convention will be held September 21 and 22, 2018 at the Clanton Conference and Performing Arts Center, 1850 Lay Dam Road Clanton, Alabama, 35045


The below listed rules are for the 2016 show but are likely to remain the same for 2018, please check back here for updates as they occur.

If you have any questions about the rules or show protocol, please feel free to contact David Ellis (Our President).

All State Meeting attendees are encouraged to consider participation in the Honey Show.

Ribbon awards will be issued to the winners in each class.

First Place-Blue Ribbon

Second Place-Red Ribbon

Third Place-White Ribbon

Best in Show Place-Medallion Ribbon

The Judges for the Honey Show will be Brutz English and Lynn Kelton.   Both are University of Georgia/Young Harris College Bee Institute certified Welsh Honey Judges.

Winners must be present at Closing Convocation to receive the ribbons and bragging rights.


  1. Extracted honey
  2. light Extracted honey
  3. Amber Extracted honey
  4. Dark Chunk honey (comb honey in a jar with liquid honey)
  5. Black jar honey
  6. Cut-comb (comb honey in a box)
  7. Creamed honey
  8. Beeswax cake (a single molded piece of two pounds or more)
  9. Candle (poured or dipped, straight or ornamental)
  10. Cosmetic – lip balm, lotions, cream, gloss
  11. Soap
  12. Original bee-related photography
  13. Original bee-related art
  14. Beekeeping gadget

Contestant may enter in any or all classes but may enter only once per class. The same jars of honey cannot be entered in both the black jar class and another extracted honey class.

Acceptable jars for your honey entres

This jar is referred to as a "Queenline" honey jar however either a Queenline or Gambrel (classsic) jar is acceptable. Both are quiet similar. The exception being lid sizes and cost. The 1 b. Gambrel uses a 48 mm lid and is a good bit lower in price. (Queenline 1 lb. jars use a 58mm lid). Gambrel jars are available from Jason's Honey Farm in Columbia, TN, Office 931 388 2420 Cell 931 698 4959

Chunk honey jar

This is referred to as a "straight side" ( 1 lb. in this case) jar because there is no "neck down" for the lid. It is primary used for "Chunk Honey" because the bigger lid opening allow for a wider slice of comb honey to be included.