Nominating Committee Report

A recommended Slate of officers will be presented by the Nominating Committee at the 2014 convention business meeting.

The 2014 Nominating Committee Members are as follows:

Phillip Garrison (Committee Chairman)

Lionel Evans

Bob Fanning

Lonnie Funderburg

Ricky Grace

Mark McKissack

Damon Wallace

Remember, the ABA belongs to its members so be thinking about who you would like to nominate for each office and notify your the President, Phillip Garrison or any one of the above listed Nominating Committee members.

As usual, nominations for all offices and BOD positions can be made by any "dues paid up" member of the ABA from the floor at the convention.     Please, before you nominate anyone from the floor discuss it with the person to be nominated and make sure they are willing to accept the nomination before you nominate them.    Surprise nominations can be embarrassing to the person being nominated and time consuming if not preplanned to some extent.

The following is a copy of an article published in teh August Stinger (then ABA official newsletter)

Nominating Committee
It is an honor and an awesome responsibility to serve as chairman of the 2014 Nominating Committee. I am soliciting recommendations for qualified candidates for the offices of president, vice-president, secretary/treasurer, and two new directors. If you know of someone who you feel could fill these offices or directors’ positions, please feel free to communicate with the Committee by August 29th. This will give us time to meet and make decisions that we need to make. These positions are not to be taken lightly. These are the leaders that are going to keep the Alabama Beekeepers Association growing in the right direction. Committee members are: Lionel Evans, Bob Fanning, Lonnie Funderburg, Ricky Grace, Mark McKissack, and Damon Wallace. Respectfully, Phillip Garrison, Chairman.


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