Honey Show

If you have any questions about the rules or show protocol, please feel free to contact Damon Wallace (Our President).

All State Meeting attendees are encouraged to consider participation in the Honey Show. 

Ribbon awards will be issued to the winners in each class.


First Place-Blue Ribbon

Second Place-Red Ribbon

Third Place-White Ribbon

Best of Show- Medallion Ribbon

The Judge for the Honey Show is usually Lynne Kelton.  Lynne is a University of Georgia/Young Harris College Bee Institute certified Welsh Honey Judge.

Winners must be present at Closing Convocation to receive the ribbons and bragging rights.



·         Only registered Alabama Beekeepers Association members, in attendance at the State meeting, may enter.

·         Judges and stewards are excluded from competition.

·         The Alabama Beekeepers Association Honey Show Board reserves the right to limit the number of entries on a first-come, first-admitted basis.

·         There are fourteen show classes:

  1. Extracted honey light
  2. Extracted honey amber
  3. Extracted honey dark
  4. Chunk honey (comb honey in a jar with liquid honey)
  5. Black jar honey
  6. Cut-comb (comb honey in a box)
  7. Creamed honey
  8. Beeswax cake (a single molded piece of two pounds or more)
  9. Candle (poured or dipped, straight or ornamental)
  10. Cosmetic – lip balm, lotions, cream, gloss
  11. Soap
  12. Original bee-related photography
  13. Original bee-related art
  14. Beekeeping gadget

Contestant may enter in any or all classes but may enter only once per class. The same jars of honey cannot be entered in both the black jar class and another extracted honey class.

 ·         All honey and beeswax entries must have been produced by the submitter and within the last 12 months. This time restriction does not apply to entries in photography, art, and gadgets.  All photography, art and gadget entries must be the product or work of the entrant.

 ·         All entries for honey, except for black jar, and candles must be submitted in triplicate: i.e., three matching jars of honey, three boxes of cut-comb, or three candles.     Only one black jar honey is required.

 ·         Submit extracted honey in standard one-pound queen-line jars; either plastic or glass is acceptable.  Tamper-proof seals are not acceptable and should be removed prior to submitting your honey for judging. 

 This is the type of 1 lb. jar for strained honey competition, not a pint or quart jar.

 ·         For extracted classes of honey, the Honey Show Intake Official can help advise the appropriateness of the honey to a particular class.  However, the ultimate responsibility of deciding which class to enter the honey is solely that of the entrant.

·         Submit chunk honey in standard one-pound chunk honey jars with wide mouths and straight sides. Insert only one piece of comb in jar.  Tamper-proof seals are not acceptable and should be removed prior to submitting your honey for judging.

This is the type of 1 lb. jar for chunk honey competition, not a pint or quart jar.

·         The sole criterion in the black jar class is flavor. Your single (1)jar entry will be placed into black jars by staff.  Tamper-proof seals are not acceptable and should be removed prior to submitting your honey for judging.

.         Honey with moisture over 18.6% will be disqualified.

·         Beeswax entries must be pure beeswax.  Dyes, added fragrances, glitter or paints are not acceptable.  Candle wicks and wick retainers are permitted.

 ·         Art and photography must be presented in a self-standing frame, and each accompanied with a 3 x 5 card giving the title and brief “story” behind the piece.

.         Photography entries must be single photos.    Multiple photographs in a single frame are not permitted.

·         All cosmetic entries must have a card stating the approximate percentage of “products of the hive” – honey, beeswax, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, venom, et al – that the product contains.

·         Do not label products in any way.  An identifying code sticker will be assigned to your entry at registration.

 ·         Entries may be submitted for the honey show at:

o       8:00 – 8:30 AM Friday, 12 October 2014

o       12:00 – 1:00 PM Friday, 12 October 2014

o       8:00 – 8:30 AM Saturday, 13 October 2014

Entries will not be accepted after 8:30 AM Saturday 27 September 2014, at which time the room will be closed so that judging may begin.

 ·         Judging criteria are selected at the discretion of Judge, and the decision of Judge is final.

END of show rules.

The Alabama Honey Judging Contest Results.

The following table shows all classes and who won what ribbon at the 2013 convention.

Apology from the Webmaster, the 2013 information was presented by Lynne Kelton in a timely manor the delay in posting was strictly the fault of the Webmaster 1/19/2014.

Results of the 2013 Honey Judging Contest
  Ribbon Awarded
  Blue Red White
Color Extracted Honey
Light Lisa Taylor     Kirk Patterson  Jimmy Fretwell
Amber Susan Ledbetter Connie Patterson John Belcher
Dark Jimmy Fretwell Gary & Abbie Condray No Entry
Black Jar George Baldwin Susan Ledbetter  Angie LeMay
    Chunk Honey  
n/a No Entries No Entries No Entries
  Creamed Honey
n/a * Connie Patterson Roger McDonald No Entries
  Comb Honey
n/a No 1st awarded Jack Chapman No 3rd awarded
n/a Jim Davis No 2 nd awarded George Baldwin
  Lip Balm
n/a No Entries No Entries No Entries
n/a Brenda Belcher Connie Patterson No 3rd awarded
n/a Ronnie Brannon Ed Welch  Ed Welch 
n/a No 1st place  No 2nd place No 3rd place 
n/a Sandra Campbell No 2nd. Place No 3rd place 
n/a No 1st Place Jim Davis No 3rd place 
n/a Almeta Partin Allyson Andrews George Baldwin
* Best In Show.      

The following table shows all classes and who won what ribbon at the 2012 convention.

No input was available for the 2010 convention. 

The following table shows all classes and who won what ribbon at the 2009 convention. 

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