Alabama Beekeepers Association

Annual Meeting October 7th-8th, 2011 Location: Taylor Road Baptist Church, 1685 Taylor Rd, Montgomery, Alabama 36117 (Montgomery Exit 9 off Interstate 85)

Registration Form

Pre-Registration must be postmarked before Sept 24, 2011.  It is very important that we know how many will be attending to plan efficiently for the meals, handouts, seating, scheduling and etc.

Please print names of persons attending (couples & families may register on the same form).

Last Name:______________________________(1) First Name (For Name Tag):___________________

Spouse:_________________________________(2) First Name (For Name Tag):___________________

Children (under 12 free)____________________(3) First Name (For Name Tag):_______________________

                                                                                             Total number attending = ____________________

Street Address:________________________________________________________________________

City:________________________________________State:______Zip Code:___________-________

County:______________________________Phone:(            )_________________(Optional)

E-Mail:________________________________________Will you accept newsletter by e-mail?_____ YES

Local Association membership (if any):_____________________________________________________

2012 Annual Dues to Alabama Beekeepers Association________(number)@ $10.= $_________________

Registration, Pre-Registered, Friday & Saturday,        ________(number)@ $45.= $_________________*

Registration, At the Door, Friday & Saturday,             ________(number)@$50.=  $_________________*

* (Your registration includes two continental breakfasts, Friday lunch, Friday Banquet, and Saturday lunch)

If you attend Friday Only, includes lunch and Banquet  ________(number)@$25.= $_________________

Additional Fri. evening Banquet Only for non-participant _______(number)@$15.= $_________________

If you attend Saturday Only, includes lunch                      _______(number)@$25.=$_________________

Additional Saturday Lunch Only for non-participant        _______(number)@$10.=$_________________

                                                                                                                Total    = $                                .

If at all possible, please pay by check payable to: Alabama Beekeepers Association

If you have any questions regarding registration, contact Phillip Garrison, 256-734-1582 (evenings) or Bonnie Funderburg, Thank you for pre-registering. Knowing the number of participants for which to plan really helps with name tags, programs, seating, meals, snacks and save on association expenses.

Mail this form with your check to:                                                  Date Received:____________________

Alabama Beekeepers Association                                            Check No.:_______________________

Bonnie Funderburg, Sect/Treas.                                                 Receipt No:______________________

1260 Easley Bridge Rd.                                                              Date Posted:______________________

Oneonta, AL 35121-4110

Would you be willing to accept the newsletter by e-mail?" ______Yes or No_______

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